We are pitching

Hello Publishers and Animation Studios!! Animal Rugby is pitching!

Books, comics, and video games are also part of our animation project. Publishers are now looking for content! And we are looking for a publisher to associate with our project. Cartoon production continues to grow all over the world and we need a Studio to be our copartner!

We are ready to produce. The Bible is done, 47 characters were created in 10 different scenarios for the plot, and the entire first season with 13 episodes of 11 minutes is already scripted.

Animal Rugby is a cartoon of a rugby team formed by animals. But much more than that, te project is about teach the kids about values, showing good examples of respect for the differences, nore matter what is your biotype, you will be an importante player in a rugby team.

A pioneering initiative aimed at children and young people, where concepts and values ​​of the sport, especially in this modality, are associated in a playful way with characters from the animal kingdom, with highlights to the potential characteristics of each species such as agility, strength, speed, among others. And in turn, they are directly associated with the characteristics and individual biotype of each child.

The concept of this project, is to promote the sport of rugby in a fun and productive manner.

The idea of creating animals as rugby players, touches on several social issues, but specifically that of respect for diversity and unity not only in sports, but also in life, which is a constant value for all rugby athletes all over the world.