Making of

“Animal Rugby” was produced by ex-rugby players in São Paulo, Brasil. Our goal is to create a film and a television series to promote the sport of rugby and it's values.

Rugby is without a doubt the world’s most democratic sport, in the sense that anyone, regardless of size, weight and height can participate, have fun a be an important member of the team, which again touches on the issue of unity.

A pioneering initiative aimed at children and young people, where concepts and values ​​of the sport, especially in this modality, are associated in a playful way with characters from the animal kingdom, with highlights to the potential characteristics of each species such as agility, strength, speed, among others. And in turn, they are directly associated with the characteristics and individual biotype of each child.

Rugby is today certainly one of the most appreciated and assisted sports in the world. In Brazil, the sport has been growing more and more in numbers of fans and spectators. And all of this has a reason: much more than a contact sport, it is one of the modalities that most values ​​ethical concepts and practices, such as Respect, Discipline, Companionship and Team Spirit